What are #ohmymats made of?
#ohmymats Reuseable Colouring & Dining Placemats are made of food grade platinum silicone which is meant for utensils and kitchenware.

What markers work with #ohmymats?
Any alcohol based whiteboard marker or dry erase marker will work!
We have tried many different brands of whiteboard markers we could find and tested them on #ohmymats with success. 
Do not use Sharpies or any other permanent markers and oil-based markers.

Can I use washable markers, such as Crayola?
Washable markers are usually water based and designed to be watery. You can use them to colour on #ohmymats but be aware that they might bead up and also they will stain your hands if you touch the coloured areas.
Do note that Crayola has a range of dry erase markers which work with #ohmymats. 

How do I wash the mats?
Simply use a wet wipe and wipe it clean! Or you can also use water & soap to clean them. Pop them into the dishwasher or steriliser if you prefer.

Can I use Sharpies?
Unfortunately, Sharpies are permanent markers and will not be able to be wiped off at all. They will also leave a deep stain on the mats. 
Do not use Sharpies or any other permanent markers and oil-based markers.

Are the markers fabric-friendly?
Whiteboard markers are not fabric-friendly. You might be able to wash them off with the help of some alcohol, however the pigments might not wash out totally. It is advised that your child is monitored and taught not to draw on their clothings or anywhere outside the mat. 

Are there any safety tests?
#ohmymats raw material (silicone) has been tested by SGS, Korea Testing & Research Institute in Korea and is FDA approved. Material tests in Korea are in accordance with Korea's food container/dining ware standards as placemats are classified as kitchenware/dining ware in Korea. 
The black ink used to print our designs onto the mats are from Toshiba and have been tested by SGS
Completed product of #ohmymats (printed silicone mat) has been tested in Singapore in Oct 2018 by a Singapore laboratory (main company is German) which is accredited by the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) for laboratory testing and product certification. 
#ohmymats has been tested in Singapore to be free from toxic heavy metals & is BPA free, in accordance with EU Directive 2009/48/EC and its amendment 2012/7/EU with reference to EN 71-3:2013: Safety of Toys

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